In Agony He Prayed

By Chad Winks

What kind of ‘agony’ would one have to be in to bleed from every pore? What kind of suffering was happening in the olive garden that night, that requied the strengthening hand of an angel to sustain the Greatest of us all? What trial was coming that had the Messiah asking if there was another way? We may not comprehend, but how grateful I am that Christ fulfilled His mission of love so we can return to the Father!

About Chad Winks

In my earliest memories, I recall wanting to capture the world I experienced on paper. With crayons and pencils, I would recreate what I saw around me. As I got older, I wanted my art to capture how I felt about my experiences, and recently it embraced the faith that is central to my life.  Raised in Idaho, there was little to do but draw, so I drew and painted, won competitions and excelled in the field of art. When I was a thug teenager I had some struggles that caused me to rub shoulders with the dark side, but when I was 20 years old, with the support of loving parents and missionaries, I gained faith in Christ and it changed my life. This is what I love to express. For me, my paintings are my testimony and I am honored to share them with the world.   I am married to my beautiful wife Jennifer and have two kids with her, 10 years apart. We travel the USA full-time in an RV. My profession is centered on User Experience and User Interface design, but I am excited to finally kick myself in the pants and add my paintings to my life’s contribution.