Hey there, beloved ancient ones!

I’ve been messing around with some snazzy photo revamping tricks, mixing up old-school colorization with some AI magic and digital wizardry. And who better to experiment on than our own clan, right?

Now, I might’ve missed a spot or two, or maybe didn’t get every detail spot-on, but hey, I’m pretty stoked about this new technique I’ve cooked up. Consider this my ‘Merry Christmas’ confetti thrown your way!

If you like what you see, and would like to have them printed, these images are highly detailed in high resolution. They can be enlarged significantly, with their native size being around 24 inches in height. For printing, I recommend going through me. I can arrange for prints via my publisher at a reasonable cost. Available options include canvas or regular prints in large sizes, with choices of rolled canvas, stretched canvas, canvas on foamboard, and framing options. You can either select your own frame or I can direct you to a site where I also receive a discount.

Click here for a zip file with all the native images. (You may need to click the download icon in the upper right to download it)

  • The one that says “screen” is 4K (16:9 ratio), so will show up on a TV or monitor real well.
  • Print 9-16 is the same ratio
  • Print 5-7 is optimized for anything to scale of 5×7, so it can go up to 25″ x 35″ with perfect clarity, and you couldn’t tell the difference up to maybe 50 x 70.
  • Print 5-4 is optimized for anything to scale of 5×4, like an 8×10, a 16×20, and natively can do 25″x20″ easily, and up to 50″x40″ keeping pretty good clarity

Other notes:

I left a slight grain to the picture that can be seen at 100% to give it a uniform and somehat natural appearance. Sometimes removing too much grain can make it look plastic and fake.

I opened Karen’s eyes. smile

Again, take a close look. I don’t want it printed if you have issues with it… but I think it’s pretty solid. If you see anything egregious you think should be changed, let me know.

I attached examples below at 100%. I hope you enjoy! It was fun to see you kids come to life. smile

Merry Christmas! Love ya!